Cleaning hack to rid mould in washing machine drawers in seconds costs just 34p

People wondering why their washing machine gives off an unpleasant smell after a cycle could find it is due to mould which is surprisingly easy to remove thanks to a clever hack.

Harmful black mould can quite easily gather in the drawers and seals of washing machines which need to be washed thoroughly to remove it, reported the Daily Record.

It’s the moisture which partly leads to the mould building up in detergent drawers and at first glance it could appear a difficult job to clean it out.

But surprisingly there is a cheap and simple way to get rid of it.

The process can be done using a common household item which banishes mould with minimal effort.

Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group, one person asked: “Has anybody got any suggestions on how to get rid of black mould in the washing machine drawer?”

Cleaning fans were quick to respond, with several people telling the woman to remove the drawer and soak it in a bowl of water and washing up liquid – which can be bought for as little as 34p from Asda.

One person said: “Washing up liquid is great for this, simple and so effective.”

For the best results, Mrs Hinch fans recommend cleaning the drawer after every use, so that mould doesn’t have the chance to build up.

Meanwhile, other cleaning fans can also use white vinegar instead of washing up liquid, as the product is known for its versatile uses in tackling a variety of cleaning jobs. It can dissolve hard water and cut through grime, making it ideal for washing machine drawers.

Another alternative is to put the drawer in the dishwasher if you have one, or soaking it in water with a dishwasher tablet.

There are many reasons why mould may grow in the washing machine drawer. Warm temperatures, soil and bacteria from clothes and a dark environment can all combine to result in a smelly and mouldy washing machine.

Also, excess detergent can cause soap scum that can get caught and turn into mould.