Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Full Cover Tempered Glass Screen Protector

$35.99 $15.99

Multi Layered Shock Absorbing Technology Blue PET Release Film TPU+Acrylic PET Release Film TPU Material the screen Protector can be used for curved edge mobile phone Scratch Resistant Layer Shock Absorbing Layer Stretch Resistant Layer Air Bubble-Releasing Adhesive Layer High quality screen protector that is anti-scratch, anti-dust and anti-glare.
Protects LCD screen against scratching, scraping and abrasion.
Clear, ultra thin, durable and dust repelling.
Bubble-free application.
Non-adhesive backing will not leave sticky residue.
Quickly and easily adhere directly to your screen.
Provide crystal-clear visibility and do not interfere with touch-screen operation.
Protects LCD screen against Scratching, Scraping & AbrasionDust Repelling Anti Fingerprint Reduces 90% of UV Rays Caused by Reflected Light, Protecting your Eyes Bubble-free Application Crystal clear and durable Attaches smoothly with self-adhering surface; leaves no residue when removed.
Package content:1x Screen Protector Guard 1x Lint-free cleaning cloth 1x Dust-absorber Sticker 1x Bubble Remover